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Growing up in Hartford, CT Blue Hills neighborhood. Everton Stewart started out cutting hair for childhood friends and family.

In high school Everton attend Northwest Catholic High School in West Hartford. At Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT, the then Business Administration major cut hair in his dorm and locker rooms to cover expenses.

After college, he sold real estate for 4 years. Over the next 15 years Everton decided he needed to be passionate about what he was going to do with the rest of his life so he returned to barbering which is what he loved. Like most barbers, his dream was to own his own shop.

In 2007, he open his first shop, Blue Hills Barbershop in New Milford CT, named after the neighborhood he grew up in.

13 years later Everton was able to sell the first shop and open his second location Stewart’s Barbershop located in Bethel, CT

Stewart, is 41years old, married to Jodie Stewart of Danbury, CT and they have 3 children, Trishell 17, Kamryn 12 and Kaedean 11. Stewart’s barbershop has a masculine feel to it. A big screen television on the main wall, posters of athletes and prominent Black figures such as Muhammad Ali, Marcus Garvey and Willis Reed as well as a mural-size photo in the memory of the late great Kobe Bryant.